Isoveikka & pikkusisko 2016

Dima Bilan The Ultimate Sloughi Princess

Dima / Ain Zafir Dima

Origin of the name: Dima means "always" in arabic. It`s also a pet form of russian name Dmitri, which means "loves the earth".


b. 21.07.2008

sire: Alto Kaheela de Moreau (parents DNA tested and found to be free of PRA)

dam: Dahija Bohemia Genao (DNA tested and found to be free of PRA)

breeder: Line Urke, Norway

owner: Petri Joutsi

height: 68cm

weight: 18,5kg

17.08.2009 Finnish Kennel Club`s official health tests:

knees 0/0, eyes ok & heart ok

30.11.2009 Finnish Kennel Club`s official health tests:

hips A/A, elbows 0/0 & tail: synnynnäisiä nikamamuutoksia

(ei kuitenkaan varsinaista koukkuhäntää)

25.08.2012 Finnish Kennel Club`s official health test:

eyes / vitreous degeneration (lasiaisen rappeuma) / suspicious

"Pieni lasiaisvuoto oikeassa silmässä klo 7. Lasiaiset (molemmat silmät) erittävät. Aivan reunoilta juosteiset. Lievää liikkuvuutta. Muuten lasiaiset ok."

05.04.2014 Finnish Kennel Club`s official health test:

eyes ok

09.10.2010 Finnish Kennel Club`s official character test 125/300 points

1. Toimintakyky: +1 (kohtuullinen)

2. Terävyys: +1 (pieni ilman jäljelle jäävää hyökkäyshalua)

3. Puolustushalu: +1 (pieni)

4. Taisteluhalu: -1 (pieni)

5. Hermorakenne: +1 (hieman rauhaton)

6. Temperamentti: +2 (kohtuullisen vilkas)

7. Kovuus: +1 (hieman pehmeä)

8. Luoksepäästävyys: +3 (hyväntahtoinen, luoksepäästävä, avoin)

Laukauspelottomuus: ++ (laukauskokematon)

yhteensä 125 pistettä eli hyväksytty

Tuomarit: Katri Leikola & Riitta Lehmuspelto

What amazed me the most in Dima`s behaviour during the testing was her willingness to protect her owner. That was something I did not expect at all. I was very proud of my sloughi girl.

Dima`s medical records have been sent to Päivi Nurmi who holds them in behalf of a breed club.

Dima gave a DNA sample to Hannes Lohi`s canine genetic research program on May 2009.

Dima in SKL database:

Dima @ dog shows in year 2009

(We didnt see any point in showing a sloughi with curly tail. Also Dima has bad travel nausea so car & bus rides are pure hell for her)

23.08.2009 cac show in Heinola Finland

Dima competed in junior class and was judged by Peter Harsanyi, Hungary.

very good

Medium size, this moment light construction. Nice feminine head. Beautiful eyes. Back is short but topline is not correct. Must have more chest. Correct angulation. Not ideal tail. Movement should be better.

Handler: Essi Olavaara

01.08.2009 cacib show in Pori Finland

Dima competed in junior class and was judged by Manuel Borges, Portugal.

very good

Nice head`s expression. Very feminine. Good neck & topline. Good proportions of body. Tail is very badly set & doing a curl. Enough bone. Well angulated. Nice mover.

Handler: Essi Olavaara