L`enfant Terrible


Origin of the name: Rosalie und Trüffel is a book about two pigs falling in love at first sight created by Katja Reider (text) and Jutta Bücker (pictures). Hemuli is a character in the world of Moominvalley created by artist Tove Jansson.

podenco ibicenco pelo alambre / ibizanpodenco pitkäkarvainen


sire: CH Gryphons Man From Mars *frozen semen*

dam: AKC/UKC DC Gryphons Alfheim Rabbit Moon SC AKC/UKC FCH CHIC #55140

inbreeding: 11,9% (5 generations)

pedigree number: HP43108504 / EJ54412/12

identification number: 965000000304937

colour: RD-WH

height: 65cm

weight: 17,3kg

Hemuli in Finnish Kennel Club`s database:

Hemuli in Koiranet

nicknames: Hemppa, Hempukka, Hemulen, Emuli, Ebuli, L`enfant terrible


Hemuli gave a DNA sample to Hannes Lohi`s canine genetic research program on 2012.

Hemuli has mydog dna passport.

Hemuli is 100% healthy but she will not be used for breeding due to extreme fear, shyness & noise phobia.


Hemuli died April 19th 2013. She was put down because she was so afraid of people & noices.

She had separation anxiety which caused her to bark when left alone but she didnt destroy anything.

She was the sweetest podenco girl that has ever walked on Earth and my heart was amputated the moment she died in my arms.

Hemuli lived the first five months of her life with her breeders

& her sister "Amy Farrah Fowler" Alfheim`s White And Nerdy kept her company.