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Kenya / Farao Anubis Kaliber

The origin of the name: pet form of russian Innokentiy, meaning "harmless, innocent".

kelb tal-Fenek


sire: Farao Anubis Kahiro (Pi)

dam: Hallam Farao Anubis Elodie Ramzi (Babe)

breeder: Maria Westman, Sweden

inbreeding: 6,25% (4 generation)

pedigree number: FI34232/09

identification number: 968000005535654

colour: punainen

height: 65cm

weight: 29kg

Kenya in Koiranet

nicknames: pupisan, pupsan, farmi, farmester, farmari, kentsu, "pentu", pikku-farkku, Piippolan vaari, Piippolan farkku, farmieläin, Farkenstein.


Kenya was put down at home by vet because of idiopathic epilepsy that did not respond well on medication.

His medical records have been sent to his breeder 8/2010 & Finnish Pharaoh Hound Club.

Before Kenya I didnt know that pharaoh hound could have epilepsy. I have epilepsy myself and prior Kenya I owned a golden retriever with epilepsy. She lived almost 15 years old. In her case medication helped. Phenobarbital kept her seizures away. Medication helps me with my seizures too. Sadly that was not the case with Kenya. Phenobarbital made him awfully restless. I dont recommend phenobarbital for pharaohs. Sadly you dont have much choice about medication especially in Finland. There`s no creature more miserable in the world than pharaoh hound with epilepsy. My experience about epilepsy limited to generalized tonic-clonic seizures so the way Kenya`s epilepsy expressed itself wasnt what I was accustomed to. Kenya suffered mostly from partial seizures. Looking in his eyes and seeing that he wasnt there was very hard. Even on his last day I enjoyed the Kenya I knew & loved. He was ok around 10-16 at day time. He played with another dog we met in the forest and he looked so young, normal & carefree. I almost dared to hope but when evening came so came the demons back and I lost my precious Kenya to the illness I had never hated until it took my beautiful perfect Kenya. I am so sorry I couldnt save you.

Kesällä 2010 mietin paljon kysymystä: MIKSI? Ainoa vastaus, mitä mieleeni tuli, oli että Jumala tarvitsi taivaaseen täydellisen pikku farmi-pojan: Kenyan. Kadun vain sitä, että en ymmärtänyt päästää irti Kenyasta nopeammin. Rakkaus ei kuole koskaan. Anna pieni anteeksi.

To all epileptic pharaoh hounds before, during & after my Kenya:

Precious little angel
Take a look at what you`ve done
Well I thought my time was over
But it`s only just begun
Precious little angel
You`re my own sweet turtle dove
Won`t you stay with us for ever
In a bundle full of love
I was lost until you came
Precious little angel
Won`t you spread your light on me
I was locked up in the darkness
Now you`ve come to set me free
I was covered up with sadness
I was drowned in my own tears
I`ve been cynical and twisted
I`ve been bitter all these years
I was lost until you came
And wouldn`t I run a thousand miles
To be with you
And woudn`t I run a thousand miles
To be with you
Precious little angel
Tell me how can it be true
That such a gift from heaven
Has been sent for me and you
Precious little angel
Don`t you worry don`t you cry
When this bad old world has crumbled
I`ll be standing at your side
I was lost until you came

Annie Lennox

Kenya @ dog shows during Spring 2010

21.02.2010 cac show in Panevezys Lithuania

Kenya competed in junior class and was judged by Irina Azen, Belarus.

excellent 1, best of sex, best of breed, jcac

Handler: Essi Olavaara

There were 4 judge trainees (3 women & 1 man) in the ring too.

20.02.2010 cac show in Valmiera Latvia

Kenya competed in junior class and was judged by László Erdõs, Hungary.

excellent 2, best of sex 2, reserve jcac

Handler: Essi Olavaara

Erittäin elegantti uros, jolla rotutyypillinen pää. Oikein kannetut korvat. Oikeanlaiset kulmaukset. Hyvä, mutta leikkisä luonne ja leikkisät liikkeet.

14.02.2010 cacib show in Tallinn Estonia

Kenya competed in junior class and was judged by Miroslaw Redlicki, Poland.

excellent 1, best of sex, best of breed, jcac

Handler: Essi Olavaara

Elegant well made. Good profile and depth of head. Strong neck. Good shoulder. Long ribb cage. Parallel and strong front legs. Topline not perfectly straight. Long tail. Moves well as much as the floor allows.